Primare Reference 60 series


Having shown this high end pairing twice at CES Primare has officially launched the 60 series pre/power amplifiers. Made up of the PRE60 at £6,500 and A60 250 watt power amplifier this is Primare’s most ambitious and feature packed combo for a long time. PRE60 has a gorgeous OLED display, balanced and single ended in and outputs as well as a DAC and network streamer board. The latter offering up to 24/192 streaming via wired or wireless connection to mobile devices, network storage, internet radio etc. Primare has created an app for iOS and Android devices with which to drive it. The DAC is a Crystal DSD ready device as seen in Primare’s DAC30.

The A60 (also £6,500) is a fully balanced amplifier that uses Primare’s UFPD a class D, switching technology that is extremely thermally efficient, it also doubles output into a halving of load (500W/4 Ohms). It has Neutrik XLR and RCA inputs alongside speaker terminals connected via Van den Hul SCS12 cable to the output stage. Both amps sounded particularly good with AC/DC via Vienna Acoustics speakers last time I heard it. Both units are built to a very high standard in Sweden using WBT Nextgen RCA and speaker terminals, and MELF resistors among other choice parts. For more info see

pre front

power rear

power front

A60 rear

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