Pro-Ject Essential III


The latest evolution of Pro-Ject’s Essential II turntable has a better cartridge in the Ortofon OM10, a new precision diamond cut aluminium pulley that offers more precise drive transmission and a completely new design of DC powered motor control. Pro-Ject claims this improves the speed stability and minimises speed drift, for more accurate speed. Another step up from Essential II is a new main platter bearing with higher tolerances and reduced rumble. Essential III has a higher grade platter and chassis made of MDF rather than particle board for greater stiffness.

Pro-ject has also change the mat, “we knew that we could make a felt mat that comes close to the sound quality of a cork one, by increasing the stiffness of our existing feltmat we managed exactly that.” Essential III is the first model that will come with the improved mat. Existing turntables will also get this new mat as standard. The supplied phono cable has been upgraded to Connect it E cable. Finally, Pro-ject decided to offer the Essential III in high gloss finish. Available in red, white or black the Essential III will retail for €325

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