Pro-ject Perspective Final Edition

Pro-ject Perspective Final Edition turntable

Pro-ject Perspective Final Edition turntable

Pro-ject Audio Systems (Pro-ject) reveals the Perspective Final Edition. Handmade in Europe, limited to 400 pieces and featuring a dazzling, transparent acrylic plinth, the new model is the first deck to receive its maker’s Final Edition treatment. Here, Pro-ject pays homage to its illustrious past, bringing back a seminal design, applying the latest build techniques, and upgrading parts to deliver 2023 performance with classic looks. Final Edition releases are just that, final, signalling the touchdown of a model’s manufacturing arc.

The Pro-ject 6.9 Perspective, launched in the 1990s, provides the blueprint for the 2023 version. That original transparent deck – and its opaque 6.9 sibling – marked Pro-ject’s move into high-end turntables, building on the Pro-ject 1 and 2’s commercial success and taking the maker into an elevated price category. Propelled by the bigger budget, the 6.9 Perspective’s design team changed tack from the 1 and 2’s super-solid build – including the rigid plinth, one-piece tonearm, and heavy platter – to an isolated methodology. Instead, the 6.9 Perspective featured a tonearm and platter on a sub-chassis spring isolated from the main chassis. This detached technique separates vibration from the deck’s pickup process, and the 1990s 6.9 Perspective delivered a beautifully open and musical sound.

Pro-ject Perspective Final Edition turntable

The 2023 Perspective further develops its forebear’s stability, featuring a decoupled sub-chassis and three adjustable springs to prevent vibrations from reaching the needle and negatively impacting overall audio performance. Pro-ject also rests the Perspective Final Edition on a trio of height-adjustable aluminium spikes designed to reduce the contact area and minimise vibration. In recognition of today’s user demands and advancements in Pro-ject’s build techniques, this 2023 model houses an electronic speed-switch-controlled two-speed motor, eschewing the original’s multi-motor solution for those wishing to spin vinyl at different tempos.

The Perspective Final Edition package includes the dust cover and Pro-ject pre-fits a £365.00 (RRP) Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge to the turntable’s nine-inch one-piece, carbon fibre tonearm. Buyers of limited-edition Perspective Final Edition receive a personalised certificate of ownership and can contact Pro-ject directly to request a personalised, serial-numbered plaque for their deck.

The Pro-ject Audio Systems Perspective Final Edition, limited to 400 pieces, launches in November 2023, priced at £1,299 and €1.399. Henley Audio exclusively distributes Pro-ject in the UK and Ireland.

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