PSB gets isolated


Acoustic isolation specialist IsoAcoustics and PSB Speakers are coming together to offer speakers with integrated isolation technology, the result promises “greater sound clarity and a more open three-dimensional sound stage” .

Paul Barton, founder of PSB Speakers, recognised the way IsoAcoustics manages the interaction with the supporting surface and is making their products an integral part of his upcoming releases. The first PSB Speaker with IsoAcoustics integration, the CustomSound In-Room Sub (CSIR Sub), will be shown at Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam this February. 

For many years the industry standard has been to use mass and floor spikes to manage the interaction with the supporting surface, but IsoAcoustics isolation technology is an entirely different approach that is quickly gaining traction and changing the way people listen to music. IsoAcoustics feet connect to the base of the speaker and to the supporting surface so that the energy is effectively managed by the internal isolators. The isolators significantly reduce the transfer of resonant energy from the speaker to the supporting surface and prevent them from reflecting off the floor below and being conducted back up into the speaker. The isolators are directional and are aligned with the speaker’s drivers to provide greater sound clarity and focus, a conclusion that Richard Barclay agreed with when he reviewed the Orea feet under his speakers late last year.

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