Raising the isolation bar


Townshend Audio has a new isolation system for loudspeakers called Seismic Isolation Bars. These are designed to break the acoustic connection between the speakers and the floor and stop energy travelling between the two. The Bars are designed to be used in pairs under floor standing and standmount speakers as well as subwoofers. Each pair of Bars uses four Seismic Load Cells which effectively float the speakers at frequencies above 3 Hz. Each Bar comprises a strong steel cradle with raised ends which are supported by Seismic Load Cells.
Townshend claims that “the sound improves dramatically, with wider stage width and greater depth that’s independent of the speakers. Bass becomes tighter and more real, with thuddy boom eliminated.” They also minimise transmission through the structure of the building, which will be a boon for your neighbours!
Seismic Isolation Bars are available in four widths from 250mm (9.8”) to 550mm (21.6”) and can support loads between 4 kg and 256 kg. A set of four Seismic Isolation Bars starts at £900.


Seismic bars speaker

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