Rega P3 2016


Rega has updated its most iconic turntable the Planar 3. The new P3 will be launched at Sound & Vision, Bristol this weekend and goes on sale late March/early April. Changes include a glossy finish on the plinth, thicker braces between armbase and main bearing and an improved platter. The biggest upgrades however have been made to the tonearm now designated RB330, this has a new bearing housing, new armtube designed using intelligently redistributed mass to reduce points of resonance. The arm cable is now terminated in Neutrik RCA plugs and the 100g counterweight has been redesigned.

Planar 3 BLACK RB330 rear detail

Other changes include a new Optiwhite polished rim glass platter, redesigned bearing housing and a sub platter that is stiffer and more accurate. The motor remains a 24 volt type but has new control circuitry and cooling built into its cover, and the on/off switch has been ergonomically positioned although it's not clear where, so it must be underneath. The P3 will be £550 without cartridge £625 with Elys 2 MM cartridge fitted.

Planar 3 white mat top down angle

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