Relaxa with magnetic levitation


Hi-fidelity UK is pleased to announce that they are distributing the ESSECI range of Floating Board platforms, which comprises two products, the Relaxa 750 (above) and its smaller sibling, the Relaxa 622. The Relaxa 750 is ideally sized to support turntables and other full-sized equipment, while the Relaxa 622 is designed to work with smaller footprint items such as some phono-stages and streamers. The company will also make Relaxa platforms to special sizes if required.

Originally designed and patented in Italy in 1999 by Silvano Cremonesi the Relaxa range uses magnet technology to eliminate vibrations which can have such a negative impact on the performance of every component in an audio system. Using tempered glass for the floating top plate, the Relaxa 750 will support any component up to 50kg in weight. The supplied spirit level allows the user to adjust for perfect horizontal alignment. The UK retail price for the Relaxa 750 is ¬£1,495, with the smaller Relaxa 622 is ¬£1,095.

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