Roksan ramps up vinyl electronics


Roksan has added a range of new vinyl electronics products in the Caspian M range: the VSC & VSC S2 Vinyl System Control, the RPM Reference Speed Control and the RPP Reference Phono Stage. These are designed to allow both new and existing Roksan customers to experience the ultimate in analogue vinyl musical satisfaction.
MD Tufan Hashemi had this to say: “After rigorous research and development and hours of intense listening we believe we have designed our finest ever vinyl electronics range of products. Any of these new components, when partnered with the renowned Xerxes 20 Plus turntable, offer the finest and most involving vinyl replay system available, regardless of cost”.

RPP Reference Phono Amplifier
The aim of the RPP was to further develop the sonic achievements of the Roksan Reference Phono Stage. The highest possible quality components are used throughout the circuit to ensure the ultimate sound quality.

Compatible with both moving magnet and moving coil cartridge designs.
Three switchable gain level settings.
Top-level audiophile grade components used throughout.
Features dedicated DS1.5 power supply module to feed a smooth, high-quality DC signal to the phono amplifier module.
High quality Caspian M Series chassis and front plate design.
Roksan UK Retail Price £1,900

RPM Reference Speed Control
The RPM is the new high-specification, ultra-accurate statement speed control for use with the Xerxes 20+. Consisting of an entirely new and highly advanced digital speed control PCB and audiophile-grade components, The RPM represents a significant upgrade from the previous and long-established reference speed control as featured in the discontinued DX2.
Featuring a very high quality crystal speed control system, it maintains pitch perfect speed stability for both 33/45rpm. One new feature of the RPM is its ability to adjust speed by up to 6.25% either way. This is a very useful addition for customers in areas or countries with unstable or poor currency voltage to attain the exact, correct speed.

All-new, highly advanced digital speed control PCB. Pitch-perfect accurate speed stability. 33 or 45 rpm speed selection. Adjustable speed control in micro-increments up to 6.25% either way. High quality Caspian M Series chassis and front plate design.
Roksan UK Retail Price £1,450

VSC & VSC S2 Vinyl System Control
Like the previous DX2, the VSC and VSC S2 units combine both the RPM and RPP in one Caspian M chassis. There are two options available:
The VSC uses one DS1.5 power supply module to power both the RPP and RPM sections, whereas the VSC S2 utilises a dedicated power supply for each section. For further flexibility another power supply can be fitted so that a VSC can be upgraded at any time after purchase to VSC S2 specification.

Ultimate control and convenience: RPP phono preamplifier and RPM speed control in one unit. Available in two versions: choice of either one or two internal DS1.5 power supply modules.
High quality Caspian M Series chassis and front plate design.
Roksan VSC UK retail price £3,000*
Roksan VSC S2 UK retail price £3,250*
*To upgrade from VSC to VSC S2 at any stage after purchase: £400

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