Russ Andrews AC Supplier PSU upgrade


Russ Andrews has added an AC version of The Supplier PSU for audio components that are fitted with low voltage AC power supplies. The Supplier AC is available in three different voltages: 12, 16 and 24V, to suit the requirements of many different products, from external DACs to turntables and streamers and is designed to “improve dramatically the audio performance”. The 12V version is suitable for use with products including Musical Fidelity’s X series and the Cambridge Audio DacMagic (2008/09). Compatible 16V products include Project’s Debut III turntables, RPM and Xpression/Xperience models, plus the Phono Box products among many others. Products requiring a 24V AC supply, such as the Rega RP3, RP6, RP8 and Fono stages are accommodated with The Supplier 24V version. The Supplier AC features a double-insulated, grade 2 copper, rack-wound transformer on silicon steel, featuring “far better tolerances and superior stray magnetic field rejection than many high-speed wound types. Taking around four times longer to manufacture than off-the-shelf high-speed wound transformers, the precision design ensures accuracy and far superior voltage regulation for the optimum performance.”

The Supplier also includes the Russ Andrews Silencer mains filtration on the input and is wired internally with Kimber Kable. A yellow LED, inset into the high-gloss acrylic faceplate, indicates the unit is operational. Connection to the user’s equipment is via a 1m link cable, manufactured using Kimber Kable, and fitted with a robust XLR connector at the power supply end and the correct jack for the specified equipment. Connection to the mains is via a 10A IEC input, using the owner’s mains cable of choice. The Supplier comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and costs £397.


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