Russ Andrews upgrades Torlyte platforms


Russ Andrews has upgraded its Torlyte Platforms to further enhance the musical performance benefits when used to support hi-fi components. Careful analysis of the fundamental operation of Torlyte and the application of new materials and manufacturing techniques has resulted in a redesign of this well-respected component support solution. The driving principle behind Torlyte, namely the coupling of components and the fast transfer of unwanted mechanical energy to ground and away from the sensitive audio components, was at the fore of the redesign process.

The new design uses an ultra-light, but incredibly rigid structure within the lightweight wooden construction of the platform. It is inherently stiffer and stronger than its predecessor, while maintaining the same overall width and depth, but is slightly taller to facilitate inclusion of the new internal construction. The increased rigidity and low mass serve to provide a stable and secure mounting for the audio component – turntable, CD, streamer, amplifier – while being more efficient at dumping energy to ground.

New, wider, Russ Andrews ‘slimline’ Jumbo Cone Feet are affixed to the underside of the platform in a three-point configuration, ensuring each point is always in contact with the surface on which it rests. This is important as the feet are the conduit for the energy to be dumped.

Russ Andrews, technical director, explains, “The principle behind Torlyte hasn’t changed since I first invented it, and that is the use of lightweight structures which do not store energy in the same way as conventional glass or metal racks and supports do. Mechanical energy, such as that created by the spinning mechanism of a turntable or CD player, and acoustic feedback are detrimental to the audio performance of the components, especially the microphonic elements such as capacitors and resistors. Torlyte takes this unwanted energy and quickly and cleanly sends it to ground, with clearly audible benefits.” He adds, “The technique that we have developed for the internal construction of the new platform is even more efficient at this energy transfer and produces even greater performance enhancements. I am confident users will experience great benefit from the new platforms.”

The 440mm x 345mm x 50mm (inc. feet) platforms are available now, direct from Russ Andrews, for a UK retail price of £215. They are covered by a 25 year warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee if not entirely satisfied with the performance upgrade.



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