Sigberg Manta wideband cardioid monitor

Sigborg Manta active loudspeaker

Norwegian company Sigberg Audio’s Manta active loudspeaker system claims to have “an uncanny ability to play “through” the room, reducing acoustical problems due to its unique wideband, dual cardioid enclosure. This means less energy is directed to the side and rear of the speaker, and more energy is directed towards you, the listener. Put plainly, more and cleaner sound arrives at your ears directly from the source.”

The specs look promising for anyone wanting to reproduce high sound pressure levels without distortion: 0.5% THD @96dB/1m and maximum SPL of 122dB@1m. Like its sibling the Sigberg Audio SBS.1 active speaker, it’s designed to play with a subwoofer. Despite having a 12” driver, the Manta has an F3 of 90hz. This means it’s essentially a 4-way speaker system and integrates perfectly with our subwoofers. Worldwide pricing: $13,300USD / €12.300 /£11,000 (including loudspeaker stands and worldwide shipping. Excluding import taxes / duty). Sigberg is distributed in the UK by Purité Audio.

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