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DALI’s classic Mentor Menuet speaker has been upgraded to create the new DALI Menuet. Stylish and compact, the Menuet has received a design upgrade in line with DALI’s Rubicon series. The DALI Menuet is a compact bass reflex loudspeaker measuring only 25 x 15 x 22.8cm and featuring a 114mm woofer and a 28mm soft dome tweeter.
The 114mm woofer is airflow optimized to achieve the best possible coupling between the wood fibre cone and the real wood veneered cabinet. The woofer cut-out in the cabinet is made larger than normal to optimise openness and dynamic response. The oversized 28mm soft dome tweeter is able to start and stop with great speed and precision due to the very low mass of the dome assembly and a powerful motor system (the dome is approximately 30% lighter than comparable standard domes and the magnet in the motor system is made of the most powerful neodymium available). The DALI designed drivers, sturdy binding posts and high quality crossover are the key to achieving extraordinary performance from a loudspeaker of this size.

The DALI Menuet costs £799 and is available in the same four finishes as the Rubicon series: high gloss black, high gloss white, walnut and rosso. For optimum performance, the Menuet should be positioned on a bookshelf or mounted on the wall using an optional wall bracket. With two threaded inserts on the rear of the cabinet, it is prepared for easy installation of the wall bracket without any hassle. The bracket is designed to ensure optimal clearance between the wall and the bass reflex port.

Menuet black set

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