Sonus brings cabinet makers in-house


Sonus faber has acquired the De Santi woodworking factory, the company that has supplied its cabinets for the past 35 years. Sonus faber began working with Luciano De Santi and his factory in 1986, the two companies united by a shared passion for Italian heritage and craftsmanship. 

To keep up with increased global demand, Sonus faber has already made a commitment to expand the woodworking department, employing new CNC machines and painting capabilities, plus extending the factory footprint. In welcoming the De Santi team, Sonus faber closes the collaborative gap between the design, engineering and woodworking teams to enable more innovative designs and unique customisation opportunities, plus decreased production lead-time and increased output. 

Stefano De Santi will be named Sonus faber’s Head of Woodworking, overseeing the department, including the current De Santi staff, who will remain in their present roles, with new staff to be added to expand capacity in the coming months. 

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