Sonus faber goes wireless with Duetto

Sonus faber Duetto

Sonus faber Duetto wireless speakers

Sonus faber, the Italian designer and manufacturer of high-end audio technology, is excited to announce the launch of its new active wireless stereo speaker system – Duetto.  A multi-faceted hifi system, Duetto features distinct characteristics across design, sound quality, connectivity, and ease of use.

Features at a glance
2-way stereo active speaker system
WiFi certified with UWB (Ultra Wide Band) wireless connection between the speakers.
Airplay, Chromecast, Tidal, Spotify, Roon ready, and Bluetooth compatible
Switchable vinyl/line-level input.  HDMI and optical input
Dedicated app for set up and control / Senso interface
Beautifully finished in Walnut or Graphite wood veneer finishes

Sonus faber Duetto

Designed first and foremost as a passive speaker system, Sonus faber engineers have built on the company’s decades-old philosophy of the most natural sound reproduction through the use of natural materials. The Duetto lute shape wood cabinet merged with an elegant and custom designed heatsink guarantees cabinet stiffness and musicality while avoiding internal resonance, creating the Sonus faber signature Natural Sound.

Housed within the heatsinks are two amplifiers – a 100W class AB amplifier that takes care of the 0.7” silk domed tweeter for accurate and smooth high frequency reproduction, and a 205W class D amplifier to drive the 5.25” paper pulp mid/bass driver.  The top of the cabinet features the leather-finished Senso interface, which allows for the user to control the speaker functions such as volume, input selection, and connections.

A multi-functional all-in-one hifi system with ease of use very much in mind, Duetto is WiFi CertifiedTM and features a full suite of digital connections to popular audio streamers, including AirPlay, Chromecast, Tidal, Spotify, Roon ready, and Bluetooth.  TV users can easily upgrade the sound of their displays via the HDMI and optical digital input, whilst vinyl users can utilise the built-in moving magnet turntable input, which is also switchable for line-level sources.  Set up is simple thanks to the new Sonus faber app that allows users to customise settings, whilst UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology avoids latency and interference in the connection between the two speakers.

Sonus faber Duetto

“Our intention behind expanding into the wireless speaker category is to provide our consumers with the Sonus faber authentic sound quality they know and love combined into one versatile package. Duetto is a true Sonus faber stereo system, blending 40 years of premium speaker design, Italian style and materials with modern technology and streaming features,” said Chief of Design Livio Cucuzza. “Today’s streaming capabilities does not compromise quality but rather offers an even higher quality for an almost infinite choice of music. Place the Duetto in your preferred space, choose your favourite source, close your eyes, and enjoy a one-of-a-kind listening experience”.

Duetto is a 2-way stereo system, featuring a 0.7” tweeter and a 5.25” mid-woofer, all formulated from scratch in Vicenza, Italy by the Sonus faber research and design team. The silk dome tweeter is equipped with a copper cap to amplify the driver’s emphasis on the lower frequencies, while keeping the highest notes smooth and clear, and encompasses a waveguide ring that increases an out-of-axis response and guarantees an astonishing listening experience from every part of the room.

The paper pulp mid-woofer is rigged with surround suspension and a neodymium magnet to achieve the deepest frequencies and is enclosed in the new Sonus faber Organic Basket, which prevents resonance and eases the air flow produced by the long excursion of the driver.

 The speaker utilises two amplifiers – a 100W class AB amplifier that takes care of the tweeter for accurate and smooth high frequency reproduction and a 205W class D amplifier that supports the power needed from the mid-woofer to deliver deep and firm bass. Duetto furthers Sonus faber innovation into a world of analog and digital connection by taking connectivity to the next level.

Sonus faber developed the Sonus faber app that allows the user to customize all the settings for all Sonus faber wireless products (Omnia and Duetto). Users can easily connect to a TV through the HDMI and optical inputs, to a turntable through the Turntable ready built-in switchable with line-level input, and to an active subwoofer that can be automatically recognised through the Duetto setup system.

Duetto is WiFi certified and features a full suite of digital connections to popular audio streamers including Airplay, Chromecast, Tidal, Spotify, Roon ready, and Bluetooth. Duetto is fixed with UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology that avoids latency and interference in the connection between the two speakers. UWB also guarantees a very wide frequency spectrum to send data signals at high speed.

The Sonus faber Duetto will be available in November 2023 for £3,490 per pair. Duetto stands are sold separately for £649 per pair.

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