SSB Audio Adicon A2D


SSB Audio is a German start-up looking for crowd sourced funding for its Adicon ADC with RIAA. This analogue to digital converter is designed for archiving vinyl and tape collections to a high standard. It has a 24-bit converter that can use sample rates up to 192kHz as well as an MM phono stage (extra gain for a moving coil is optional). It also has a sample peak programme meter with 10 LEDs per channel, this gives a precise indication of level in order to avoid clipping. Monitoring can be done with the analogue outputs or via a ‘”high power” headphone amplifier.


The people behind the project are an audio enthusiast with lots of analogue tape, an engineer and a businessman who have put the Adicon on kickstarter at price of £625. With its optical, coaxial and USB outputs alongside DIN and RCA connections for analogue the Adicon looks well thought out. It also has variable loading for cartridges. Under the lid there is a Cirrus Logic delta/sigma analogue to digital converter, a clock with two crystal oscillators and an anti-aliasing filter. SSB Audio has produced an extensive white paper that infers that it knows what its doing, so if you’re in the market for a quality approach to archiving your analogue this might be worth a punt.

ADICON internal

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