Stack Audio Smooth-LAN kills the noise

Stack Audio SmoothLAN network filter

Stack Audio Smooth-LAN ethernet filter

Stack Audio is pleased to announce the next product in our expanding range of audio accessories designed to eliminate vibrations that affect hi-fi. The Smooth-LAN  network filter has one purpose: to remove crosstalk and interference from a network cable eliminating a potential source for parasitic noise entering sensitive hi-fi via a music streamer.

Crafted from the ground up in the UK, the Smooth-LAN  utilizes high quality materials and components. This is true to the Stack Audio philosophy, committed to delivering products that exemplify superior quality and performance that are also excellent value for money. The Smooth-LAN  features:

Stack Audio SmoothLAN network filter

Precision machined aluminium case incorporating six fully shielded pockets, acting as barriers to isolate electronic components from each other and external disturbances. EMI absorbing materials embedded inside the pockets, further neutralizing noise reflections from components.

Perfectly sealed enclosure employing 20 screws guarantees the absence of gaps between the shielded pockets, preventing any compromise in performance by amplifying specific frequency ranges.

Discrete components facilitating high-speed traces (the signal paths on the circuit board), with ground planes and shields between them, optimizing signal paths for superior performance.

Optimized grounding to minimize crosstalk. Each circuit on the PCB is surrounded by copper grounded to the case. This creates an effective shield against interference and ensures return currents do not interfere with neighbouring circuits.

Stack Audio Smooth-LAN network filter

CAT7 Connecting cable made from oxygen free copper with gold plated connected to safeguard the purity of the Ethernet signal between the Smooth-LAN  and your music streamer.

Smooth-LAN is available in black or silver and costs £240. Covered by the Stack Audio 30-day money back guarantee.

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