Sweetvinyl digital noise reduction


The best way to avoid noisy vinyl is to use a great turntable and look after your records, but if the pops and clicks are getting in the way of the music Sweetvinyl’s Sugarcube SC-1 could be the answer. Described as a real time pop and click remover the SC-1 converts the analogue output of a phono stage to digital and allows variable levels of clean-up prior to conversion back to analogue for the output.

Priced at £1,550 the SC-1 has a bypass mode for clean vinyl and runs its digital processing at 24-bits/192kHz. What’s interesting is that you can vary the amount of noise reduction, and this process can be operated via Bluetooth from the Sugarcube app. A monitor button allows you to hear the noise alone, so you can hear how much signal is being lost, and a display indicates the strength of filtering.

sweetvinyl sc1 rear

It’s a bit controversial to turn an analogue signal into digital and then back to analogue just for the sake of noise reduction but with some vinyl it may well mean greater listening pleasure and looks like a good idea especially if you have a lot of pre-loved records! UK distribution is through Henley Audio.

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