System Audio with Karma-AV


Karma-AV is bringing System Audio’s versatile and innovative range of home speaker systems to the UK. Hand built in Denmark since 1984, System Audio’s range includes slender floor-standing speakers, subwoofers, compact stand-mount models, on-wall speakers and home theatre satellites, available in white or black satin finishes for a wide variety of stereo and home theatre applications. 

The range also includes the ‘Legend Silverback’ line of active designs for floor, stand and wall installation, featuring driver-dedicated amplification/processing and the latest wireless connectivity via the WiSA-enabled ‘Stereo Hub’, a 24/192 capable control centre for wired and wireless sources. 

Karma-AV will carry the complete System Audio line-up comprising five Silverback models from £2,400 to £7,000 pair, six passive ‘Legend’ speakers from £1,450 to £5,000 pair, and no fewer than eleven models in the brand’s ‘Saxo’ range of passive and active designs from £379 pair to £1,450 pair. Silverback amp modules are available to upgrade selected Legend speakers. System Audio’s passive models are covered by a seven-year warranty, its active systems and components by a two-year warranty.

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