Tambaqui escapes from Makua


Dutch class D maestro Mola-Mola has made the discrete DAC section from its Makua preamplifier available as a separate unit. Dubbed the ‘Tambaqui’ (£8,999), it comprises a two board stack in which the incoming digital audio is upsampled to 3.125MHz/32 bits and converted to a noise shaped PWM signal on the first is fed to twin mono DACs on the second board. Their discrete 32-stage finite-impulse-response (FIR) output stages combined with 4th order filtering I/V converters to turn the PWM into analogue with a breath-taking 130dB signal to noise ratio. Mola-Mola claims that distortion remains below the noise floor even for full scale signals. 

In addition to its system upgrade capabilities, the inclusion of a lossless digital volume control, Roon Ready functionality and headphone outputs allow the Tambaqui to perform as the control hub of a minimalist audio set-up for digital music lovers. Inputs include optical (Toslink), S/PDIF, AES/EBU (XLR), USB type B, Ethernet (Roon Ready), Bluetooth (A2DP, APTX) and I²S over HDMI. Outputs are balanced (XLR), balanced headphone (4-pin XLR), 6.3mm headphone jack and programmable trigger outputs (3.5mm jack). The Tambaqui supports PCM up to 384kHz/32 bits (>192kHz and >24 bits via USB and Roon only); DoP and Native DSD up to quad speed (USB and Roon only).

The Tambaqui will be available from tomorrow through Sound Design Distribution in the UK.

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