Tannoy WRX headphones


Tannoy has a long history of providing our customers with the finest and most natural listening experience possible but until today this has been a luxury restricted to the comfort of their homes. With the launch of our ‘Point Source’ noise cancellation headphones we allow today’s modern audiophile to "take their music with them" with no loss of quality.

The three key limitations of headphones on the market today are the use of inferior components, the size of drivers and the sheer sound pressure that is needed to overcome the background noise of everyday life. "We feel we have addressed all these issues with the WRX", said Tannoy’s Residential Product Manager Bill Beaux Baggins. "We have taken many of the high end components, from our flagship Westminster Royal GR and designed them into a stylish retro, ultra-comfortable headset differentiated by Tannoy’s renowned point source technology and our cryogenic freezing expertise. To address the noise interference from external sources, we evaluated the industry standard noise cancellation technology of rarefaction phase but Tannoy believes that the resulting degrading of sound quality should not be something our customers should accept. Quality of sound is an integral part of our ethos here at Tannoy, and for our new headphones we introduce our patent pending, point source, BLAST technology (Background Limiting Ambient Sound Technology) which ensures optimum performance with no distortion and degradation of the audio. Available only on April 1st if at all…

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