Technics SL-1500C-W washes whiter

Technics SL-1500C-W washes whiter

New finish for Technics SL-1500C turntable

Technics has refreshed its beloved SL-1500C record player with an elegant new finish that will seamlessly complement any décor style and fill homes with the warm, authentic sound of vinyl. Now in beautiful matte white, the SL-1500C-W sees the brand’s turntable updated for 2023, while retaining the innovative sound technology that Technics has driven forward since it unveiled the world’s first direct-drive turntable over fifty years ago.

The Technics SL-1500C will be available in May 2023 priced at £1,099.99.

Sublime elegance, precisely designed

Developed at the request of vinyl lovers yearning for a design-oriented, fresh aesthetic for their turntable, the new design breathes new life into a classic hi-fi icon.

“From our experience with Limited Edition models, we have seen a high demand for additional colour versions of our designs, especially for turntables. Many clients look for stylish colour alternatives, reflecting the minimalistic design language of modern contemporary interiors”, says Frank Balzuweit, Senior Product Manager at Technics Europe.

“The new clean white tone underlines the SL-1500C’s pure and simplistic aesthetic, employing only the most necessary operational elements needed on a turntable”, adds Balzuweit.

Technics SL-1500C-W washes whiter

Staying true to the clean, stylish lines of Technics’ long line of hi-fi designs, the SL-1500C-W combines high-grade materials, precise construction, and expert craftsmanship to create an eye-catching centrepiece to complete the modern music lover’s perfect listening environment.

The beauty of functionality

Despite its minimalist construction, the SL-1500C offers outstanding functionality, usability, and a wealth of features for vinyl lovers. A pre-mounted cartridge and integrated phono EQ means setup is supremely simple, while an automatic tonearm lift ensures precious LPs remain in pristine condition.

A trusted brand by both turntable afficionados and first-time record buyers, the SL-15000C-W exemplifies Technics’ commitment to audio excellence, with a sophisticated direct drive motor and motor control ensuring a classically smooth vinyl sound.

The new white version of the SL-1500C will be available from May 2023 at authorized Technics retailers.

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