Tellurium Q makes a new Statement

Statement II RCA

Tellurium Q’s Statement II cables “look simple but were a highly complicated task to engineer for the sound quality they release in a system. The example they give is the speaker cable, although each type of cable needed its own development. In the case of the speaker cable there is a minimum of eight layers including multiple dielectrics and conductor types. Zooming in further to just one of those layers, a single dielectric took a year to get right and needed multiple materials from several countries. That was just a single layer and that was run and tested many times before the final version. You can imagine when you multiply this with all the layers and even the different combinations of materials within a layer, how time and resource consuming this was…. for the speaker cable alone. However, there are many more cables in the Statement II stable that took a similar level of research and development and they are being released into the wild now.”

Statement II Speaker Cable

Statement II prices
Speaker cable £2,049
Jumper/link (30cm) £1,026
RCA £4,840
XLR £5,487
Digital RCA £2,730
Digital XLR £3,080

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