Tord and Kudos, the perfect match


Derek Gilligan of Kudos Audio and celebrated Norwegian jazz pianist Tord Gustavsen have announced a collaboration to celebrate International Jazz Day’s 10th anniversary. It’s a simple collaboration based on mutual admiration and needs. Tord is now the proud owner of a pair of Kudos Super 20A loudspeakers. To support the collaboration, Kudos has access to Tord’s gigs when conditions permit and an ongoing opportunity to access and promote Tord’s wonderful music.

When asked about the relationship, Tord said, “I have the distinct feeling that Kudos and my music – the music I make, as well as the wide variety of music I listen to – is a match made in heaven. I want warmth yet transparency. Maximum attention to subtle details; and tangible sound textures. And passion as a driving force.”

To support International Jazz Day 2021, Derek asked Tord if he would put together a playlist of his music on Qobuz and Tidal for listeners to enjoy on their systems.

Tidal: Tidal Link
Qobuz: Qobuz Link

The relationship started after Tord was in touch with Derek after having chosen the Super 20As during an extensive audition in the Eksakt Hifi showroom in Oslo. Kudos intend to have some more Tord related or chosen playlists later in the year.

Tord Gustavsen photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen

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