Transfiguration Proteus


Immutable Music has released details of its range topping new cartridge the Transfiguration Proteus. This moving coil is a yokeless design that has ring magnets either side of the coil wires in order to provide precisely focussed magnetic flux and an extremely low 1 Ohm internal impedance. The magnet design was conceived to remove the variations in flux introduced by traditional yoke type assemblies and seems to us at the Ear like a good idea that should has taken a surprisingly long time to appear.

The coil assembly is built around a newly developed ultra grade 3S-µ-metal square core which is claimed to increase sensitivity by a whopping 35dB and “greatly improves signal to noise”. The coils are in 5N silver and the suspension is described as a push-pull arrangement that is largely insensitive to temperature variations. The Proteus has a boron cantilever, resonance controlled aluminium body and offers a 0.3mV output for an asking price of £3,750.

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