Triangle Borea BR10 goes large


Triangle Borea BR10 loudspeakers

The largest and highest performing model within Triangle’s Borea range, the BR10 is equipped with newly designed dual 8″ bass drivers, a 6″ midrange and 25mm EFS tweeter for desirably broad bandwidth along with signature Triangle sonic touches.

Triangle‘s brand new Borea bass driver design features a fiberglass membrane along with a powerful motor, which combined can produce remarkably smooth, fast and controlled low-end.

The BR10 driver array is also wired using a new architecture that utilises a separate crossover system and dual terminal for bi-wiring or bi-amping where desired.

Able Power Handling

Thanks to an impressive power handling ceiling of 200 watts RMS and a sensitivity rating of 92dB, the BR10 can be easily twinned with some of the highest rated power amplifiers on the market with exceptional low-end performance every time.

Their versatility also makes the BR10s an equally great component choice for multi-channel or home theatre configurations alongside regular stereo listening systems sized 30 square metres and beyond. The Triangle Borea BR 10 will be shipping spring 2024, UK SSP is £1,379 per pair.


8″ drivers

Unlike the rest of the speakers in this range, the BR10 features a 8” transducer for low frequencies. It uses the same basic principles as the other 6” bass drivers, with a membrane in fiberglass coupled with a powerful motor suitable for its volume load.

Dual terminal

With bi-wiring, the cabling can be adapted to the frequencies being delivered, while with bi-amping, each register can be powered by a dedicated amplifier. Of course, it is possible to combine bi-amping and bi-wiring.

Optimized crossover

The BR10 speaker introduces a new architecture to the Borea range, with a separate crossover system offering various cabling and amplification options. The low frequency crossover circuitry is completely isolated from the mid-high frequency. The jumpers simply need to be removed for bi-wiring or bi-amping.

DVAS system

The Borea floorstanders feature internal panels in MDF & EVA foam positioned against the bass drivers, stiffening the bass driver/cabinet unit. This innovative concept reduces the vibratory behavior of the speaker and absorbs the vibrations generated by the movement of the bass drivers. The vibrations generated by the suspension of the membrane are greatly mitigated, the latter transmitting a low residual vibration to the cabinet.

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