Triangle Lunar 1: modern, trendy vinyl replay

Triangle Lunar 1

Triangle Lunar 1 turntable

Triangle, the French loudspeaker manufacturer, launches a new turntable developed in partnership with Pro-ject. The new Triangle Lunar 1 (€399) maintains the brand’s philosophy and offers carefully crafted products available in a wide range of colours at an affordable price. It is possible to compose modern, trendy sets with vinyl and the amplified speakers of Triangle, all with a harmonious finish.

The Lunar 1 features a high-density fibreboard base (25kg/m3) to absorb vibrations and guarantee high purity of the sound. The ribbed platter is made of ABS polymer to create a resonance-free platform.

Entirely factory-set

The Lunar 1 is factory-set for easy installation. An experienced operator manually adjusts the tonearm and the cartridge to guarantee a ready- to-use product. The next-generation flat belt is easily and discreetly fitted under the turntable platter.

Ortofon cartridge and aluminium tonearm

Designed down to the smallest details, the lightweight, low-friction 8.6” aluminium tonearm is optimized for the OM-5E cartridge, which features an elliptical diamond stylus.

To be perfectly compatible with most vinyl records on the market, and to ensure optimum user comfort, the tracking force is changed by simply pushing the switch on the side of the turntable. Switching from 33 rpm to 45 rpm records is quick and easy.

Triangle Lunar 1

Quality materials

The Lunar 1 is manufactured in Europe by our long-time partner Pro-ject. The included phono cable features high purity oxygen-free copper (HP-OFC) conductors and gold-plated RCA connectors to ensure a perfect conductivity of the signal.

 The new Lunar 1 is available in 5 trendy finishes: Black, White, Cream, Green and Blue. This turntable provides a delight for the ears and the eyes, boldly blending trendy colours and the unique sound quality of vinyl.

The new Lunar 1 turntable has been specially designed to match all our amplified speakers and offer coherent, high-performance sets. The speakers of the Borea Connect, Active Series & Aio Twin ranges will offer you high-quality wireless music, as well as an integrated phono pre-amp for easy turntable connection.

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