Two Nu Forces


Nuforce the digital amplifier brand has been split into two and sold to two companies. Optoma the projector company has purchased the NuForce brand while NuPrime Audio has acquired the rights to NuForce’s high end product line.

uDAC 3 RED 2 100
Optoma’s NuForce range will launch at the Bristol show and consists of two products at this stage, the DDA120 (top, £599.99) is an integrated amplifier that has digital as well as analogue inputs and is supplied with a Bluetooth receiver dongle. It’s a class D design that’s specified to deliver 75 Watts into four Ohms. Optoma also continues the NuForce uDAC3 (above, £99.99), a USB converter and headphone amp in a small box with three analogue and digital outputs.

DAC 10 10H

The NuPrime range also contains a headphone amp/DAC in the DAC-10H (above top, $1,795), but this one has balanced as well as quarter inch outputs that can be used simultaneously. It has five digital and two analogue inputs and comes in a preamp version dubbed DAC-10 (above below) without the headphone outputs, both have balanced and single ended outputs. Spec is very high with support for 32-bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD up to DSD256 via the asynchronous USB input. The NuPrime ST-10 (below) is a class D power amplifier rated at 150 Watts (8 Ohms) with claimed 85% efficiency and “near-reference” class sound for $1,595.

nuprime st10

Whether splitting the original NuForce in two will make it more successful than the original company is hard to say, but with Optoma concentrating on the affordable end of the spectrum it stands a better chance of making it in the UK.,

Jason Kennedy

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