Ultimate JCAT soundcard


Computer audio specialist JCAT’s new NET CARD XE claims to “open up new dimensions of sound quality with its extremely precise ±5ppb OCXO and state-of-the-art power supply section. Experience playback from TIDAL or Qobuz at new heights of resolution and dynamic range. Thanks to the NET Card XE, for the first time ever streamed music sounds better than locally stored files”.  

Engineered to solve the long standing challenges of legacy quartz OCXOs which are sensitive to environmental conditions, the Emerald OCXO used on the NET Card XE offers 10 times better dynamic stability – the most stable timing in the presence of stressors such as airflow, temperature perturbation, vibration, shock, and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

By using industry’s best LT3045 ultra-low noise linear power supplies and extremely stable OCXO clock combined with high-end Ethernet controller, the JCAT NET Card XE offers unprecedented quality of network streamed audio data. Connect a network audio player/DAC, a media server (NAS) or a broadband router to either of the two 1Gbit LAN ports on the JCAT NET Card XE and “pull out more detail and richness from audio files than ever”.

The NET Card XE offers an external PSU option which, when used, completely eliminates the computer as a source of noise. JCAT’s OPTIMO 3 DUO power supply is claimed to ensure the highest sound quality possible. The price is € 800 including free worldwide express delivery. 



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