Unilet digital analogue sound clash

Vertere SG-1 turntable

Over the first weekend in December Unilet Sound & Vision is staging a digital versus analogue challenge event, bringing some of the biggest names in hi-fi together to enable music lovers to listen to the very best of both worlds. Unilet’s large first floor demonstration room will showcase the new Vertere Acoustics SG1 and RG1 turntables, Bryston 28BSST2 monoblocks and PMC MB2SE studio monitors. The analogue room will “completely redefine” what the listeners think they know about vinyl reproduction.
Cutting edge digital music will be on demonstration in the main showroom. The system will consist of Chord Electronics’ DSX1000 streamer, a Chord CPA5000 Reference preamplifier and monoblocks, these will be partnered with KEF Blade loudspeakers. A second system, comprising KEF’s highly regarded LS50 speakers, the Chord CodeX streamer and Mezzo 50 amplifier, will demonstrate just how good a compact digital audio system can sound. Cables from Vertere will be used throughout both systems.
At set times throughout over two days carefully selected classic albums will be played in full. Each album will be played on both systems simultaneously (using high-resolution digital files where available) to enable visitors to move between systems and judge which one wins the challenge for them. At all other times visitors will be able to listen to a cross section of other music and are also invited to bring their own music in any format.

Chord DSX100

Chord Electronics DSX1000


The programme is:


1pm: David Bowie—The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

4pm: Shelby Lynne‑Just a Little Lovin’

7pm: Fleetwood Mac‑Rumours



11am: Gustav Holst— The Planets Suite Op.42, London Symphony Orchestra, André Previn

1pm: Pink Floyd—Dark Side of the Moon

3pm: Queen—Absolute Greatest

For visitors searching for the ultimate in personal audio the ‘Lounge’ room will feature a Sennheiser headphone circle. Five models including the range topping HD800 and popular Momentum models, will be available to compare. Connected to the company’s HDVD 800 headphone amplifier and playing high-resolution music from computer or CDs, this will be a rare opportunity to audition multiple models under identical circumstancesn. As a member of the Sennheiser Club Orpheus, Unilet will be offering up to 20% off selected products throughout the two days. By special arrangement with Sennheiser HQ the legendary Orpheus headphones will be available for demonstration.
Staff will be on hand from the manufacturers represented throughout the two days. Discounts will be offered on all new, second hand vinyl and digital software purchases. Other special offers will be available on a selection of the equipment being demonstrated, plus five lucky visitors will be able to win Vertere Pulse D-Fi cables during the weekend.

The Unilet Analogue Digital Challenge runs from 11am to 9pm on Friday 6th and 10am to 5pm Saturday 7th December at 35 High Street, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 4BY    


PMC MB2SE Pair KEF Blade


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