Vertere Magneto cartridge


Touraj Moghaddam has confirmed that all Vertere DG-1 Dynamic Groove record players shipped with cartridges during the last month were supplied with the new Vertere Magneto moving magnet cartridge fitted and aligned. The Magneto is now the standard fit for the DG-1 package.

Magneto is closely related to the Audio Technica VM520EB cartridge originally fitted to the DG-1 and is stylus compatible with the AT VM5x range. This allows owners to upgrade to a improved stylus profile, should they wish to, when the time comes to renew. The Magneto was chosen as the ideal starter cartridge: it is tolerant of records in less than perfect condition which may be the case with owners returning to vinyl after many years absence. Magneto however is superbly musical and delivers all the qualities one would expect of a Vertere product. 

Vertere will be publishing a blog and video later in the year discussing the upgrade paths available to DG-1 owners. While the DG-1 is significantly more of a plug and play record player than Vertere’s more upscale range Touraj, has already been contacted about suggestions for upgrades. It makes sense to help owners on this path get the best value for their upgrade expenditure. The Magneto is available for £220 but adds only £100 to the price of the Vertere DG-1, bringing it to £2,850.


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