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San Francisco-based designer Kate Koeppel's handcrafted record dividers help keep vinyl-philes organised in style. Building up a record collection is a labour of love and listening to your collection promises an immersive sensory experience. But when Californian designer Kate Koeppel set out to find a beautiful solution to organise and display her and her partner’s growing vinyl collection, she drew a blank. “After a lengthy search, we discovered that only a few products existed – nearly all of them plastic, ugly, poorly made, or a combination of all three,” said Kate. So she did what any savvy designer would do and decided to create her own.
After months of prototyping, materials research and collaboration with local craftsmen, Kate launched a handsome collection of laser cut wood record dividers aimed at organising and alphabetising media in a more eye-catching way. “We’ve designed a durable and stylish solution to organise and display your record collection, and to complement the high fidelity experience of vinyl records,” she explains.

Two tab styles: horizontal tabs for shelving and vertical tabs for record boxes.
Two sizes: for 12” and 7” records.
Two typographical versions: a full 26 panel A–Z set for large record collections and an abbreviated 6 panel set (A-D, E-H, I-L, M-P, Q-T, U-Z) for smaller collections.
Two lettering styles: engraved or stencilled. Engraved typefaces are engraved on both sides of the divider, while the stencil typeface is cut right through.
Two lettering typefaces: sans serif (‘Futura’) or serif (‘Mrs Eaves’).

Prices for an A-Z 12inch divider set of 26 panels start at £395 in either horizontal or vertical orientation. UK distribution by,

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