Vivid Moya M1: 13 drivers, no compromise

Vivid Moya M1 loudspeakers

Vivid Audio Moya M1 loudspeakers

In conjunction with Vivid Audio, Sound Design Distribution is delighted to announce the introduction of a new flagship loudspeaker – the Vivid Audio Moya M1.

Conceived to demonstrate that extending a speaker’s bass response also improves the perception of higher frequency bands, this extraordinary floor standing loudspeaker is imbued with the power and authority to handle all types of music with effortless grace.

Designed and hand-manufactured entirely in-house from Vivid’s signature carbon-reinforced sandwich composite, the Moya M1 is a 5-way, 13 driver system featuring four extensively braced bass enclosures, each with aerodynamically optimised reaction-cancelling ports. Each module houses two proprietary C225-100H, 225mm alloy diaphragm bass drivers arranged in a horizontally opposed configuration, their magnets united by a substantial steel tie-bar to completely eliminate cabinet vibration and minimise any turbulent effects which may limit low-end linearity, as well the need for a heavy enclosure.

Vivid Moya M1 loudspeakers

Equipped with 100mm voice coils in a 45mm gap rare-earth radial magnet system, the eight side-firing C225s are complemented by two front-firing C175-76, 175mm carbon fibre reinforced mid-bass drivers, a single C100SCu, 100mm carbon-fibre reinforced mid-range, a D50DLC (Diamond-Like Coated) 50mm aluminium alloy upper midrange dome – all with tapered tube loading – and a D26DLC 26 mm aluminium alloy tweeter.

The Diamond-Like Coated (DLC) process involves a material that can be applied to the surface of the aluminium domes at a temperature well below melting point. The contrasting properties between the DLC and the aluminium substrate heightens shear losses and significantly dampens the ‘Q’ of the break-up.

vivid Moya M1

All drivers are developed from Vivid Audio’s existing drivers and optimised for use in the Moya M1. The speaker makes use of a passive, five-way, fourth order Linkwitz-Riley crossover in three parts, where the mid and high sections are placed well away from bass sections.

In-house, computer-optimised, passive, hard-wired filters allow the Moya M1 to deliver levels of smoothness, accuracy and phase matching once thought possible only from active systems.

From an organ symphony on a huge Cavaillé-Coll instrument to low-end bass from a 90s house anthem, the Moya M1 reproduces clarity and precision to the Nth degree, at the highest drive levels, to deliver audio thrills at every octave.

Vivid Moya M1 loudspeakers

The worldwide launch of the Moya M1 will take place on March 16th in Guangzhou, China, with partners Zesen Hifi, and for Europe, at the Munich High-End show in Hall 3, Room K16. The Vivid Moya M1 has an anticipated retail price of £400,000 inc VAT pair.

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