VPI makes face masks and ventilators


Following its switch from manufacturing turntables to hand sanitiser, VPI has now also started producing face masks and supplying 3D printed parts for ventilators. To create the face masks, the team took the clear plastic covers from VPI brochures to use as visors and then applied packaging foam as forehead strips. Ingeniously, VPI’s designers have used turntable drive belts as headbands. Over 100 face masks have been delivered to local hospitals. 

VPI turntables have 3D printed tonearms and the company has now turned to its local 3D printing partner to create specialist parts for hospital ventilators. However, to create additional products to help medical teams, VPI needed clear plastic. Sadly, plastic is currently in very short supply and cynically over-priced, so, the company president, Mat Weisfeld, appealed to his suppliers for help. His appeal was hugely successful and the clear plastic he received has allowed VPI to create intubation hoods for its local hospitals. 

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