Wilson Benesch low end theory


In the summer of 2021, Wilson Benesch will launch its next generation of infrasonic generator technologies (or subwoofers). Developed in Sheffield, England, the new Torus Series is based on the on the award- winning Torus design that precedes it with the aim of meeting the challenge presented by timpani, kick drums, kettle drums, musical instruments that create low frequency sound with attack and dynamics that hit you in the chest. 

The Torus Series seeks to recreate this experience of live music though innovative technologies including the push-pull motor design, a rounded geometric enclosure that mimics these instruments and a super lightweight carbon fibre – polyethylene terephthalate diaphragm. By combining these highly evolved technologies, Wilson Benesch deliver “the ultimate solution – lightning fast, highly integrated, perfectly resolved low frequency sound that physically moves the listener.” 

Launched in 2006, the Torus Infrasonic Generator remains a significant departure from all prior subwoofers. It eliminated the cabinet from any and all structural responsibilities. Instead, Wilson Benesch placed a 16kg steel core at the heart of the Torus Infrasonic Generator. The core legislates that all energy from the two push-pull neodymium motors is grounded. 

The attack and dynamics of a bass drum or kick drum adequately demonstrates what is required in order to recreate low frequency sound. Through collaboration with two leading companies in the field of fibre weaving and composite design, a new fabric was invented to achieve what was previously impossible. The carbon fibre – polyethylene terephthalate diaphragm is geometrically optimised and realised from a woven material that incorporates a fibre and resin matrix. This material is woven exclusively in Europe for Wilson Benesch. The lightweight diaphragm can support 1000 times its own mass, a testament to the stiffness of the structure. The diaphragm at the heart of the new Torus Series sets the industry standard both in terms of stiffness and damping. 
The Torus Series will be available in the autumn with a price in the region of £13,000.


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