Wilson Yvette in the UK


Wilson Audio’s latest loudspeaker, the Yvette, is now available in the UK. With obvious antecendents in the WATT/Puppy and Sasha models Yvette’s cabinet is built from the latest generation of Wilson’s composite X-Material and S-Material, the latter used in the midrange baffle that’s angled for time alignment with the bass and tweeter baffles. The midrange enclosure incorporates a new venting system similar to that seen on Wilson’s existing models. All three drivers are optimized for time-domain performance as Wilson puts it, with the bass baffle being slightly angled toward the midrange for this purpose. Yvette has a smaller footprint than Sophia and sits above smallest Wilson floorstander, Sabrina, in the company’s range. It doesn’t feature adjustable mid and treble cabinets but has been designed for minimum time smear with fixed driver positions.

The drive unit array starts with the Convergent Synergy Tweeter as seen on Sasha, it incorporates a low resonance rear chamber to control rearward output behind a one inch silk dome. The midrange is the same seven inch model found on the Alexandria XLF and the 10inch bass driver was one of two units developed for Alexia. A panel on the rear covers Wilson’s resistor tuning system, offering the opportunity to adjust the balance to suit different rooms. The Wilson Yvette is available from Absolute Sounds and priced at £28,880 per pair.

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