World’s first 24 inch turntable


Wega are proud to announce the world’s first 24 inch turntable, the Wega P24. This is the brainchild of Karel Loos jnr. Which has been made a reality by cutting edge Czech turntable manufacturer Nodihulda AS (Plzeň).

It’s understood that the new turntable will spin at an extraordinary 360rpm for maximum detail retrieval, users are however warned to use a clamp to avoid the discs flying off at high speed. So far no records have been released to suit this format but as with any cutting edge format the tail will eventually get the dog wagging.

Karel Loos
Loos jnr. was born 30th October 1907 in Prague, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He gained a degree in electric engineering from the Czech Institute of Technology in 1936, and in 1937. Whilst developing an analogue system to direct the fire of anti-aircraft guns he drew up plans for a revolutionary vinyl playback system which included 24 inch vinyl records revolving at extremely high RPMs.  His initial experiments proved to be too dangerous for his domestic lab and in secret used the facilities of the military which were more suited to developing this ground-breaking audio format.

Audiophile relish
When Tomáš Loos of Nodihulda AS (no connection with the Loos of Prague), founded Nodihulda AS in the redundant arms factory in Plzeň he discovered all the prototypes and plans of the visionary Loos jnr turntable.  Tomáš has bravely progressed the technology with modern materials and manufacturing techniques to bring a revolutionary format to the market that every audiophile will relish. Loos is said to be in discussion with record companies about software to accompany the forthcoming launch of the Wega P24.

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