Xavian Terza & Accorda Evoluzione


Terza, or the third note from the score of Xavian’s Classic Series, has undergone a significant evolution after the first part of its life, thanks to which it proudly bears the nickname Evoluzione like its bigger sister Quarta.

Completely new drive units from Scan-Speak were chosen for their exceptional reliability, for their top performance and, among other things, for their neutral tonality, underlining the monitor tuning of the Xavian Classic Series.

The hand-crafted speaker cabinets are finished with luxurious veneers in deep piano lacquer or black or white. Custom-made stands are also available, underlining the aesthetic purity of the speakers, with which you can achieve the optimum listening height with the possibility of fine-tuning the ideal horizontal position quickly and easily using the built-in feet. The stands can be custom height-adjusted for specific conditions.

sealed “infinity baffle” enclosures
six luxury finishes to choose from
cover grille with magnets in enclosure and frame for perfect fit
selected Scan-Speak drivers
hand paired drivers
inert enclosure with complex bracing system
mounting the woofer with “Stasis” technology (two-point mechanical fixation of the magnet in the bracing system)
extremely advanced crossovers with variable slopes
compensating the reactivity of the woofer around the resonant frequency
1% tolerance of Mundorf resistors
3% tolerance of Jantzen and Mundorf coils and capacitors
pairing with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 dB
bi-amping / bi-wiring
€9 990


Xavian Accorda Evoluzione
Accorda Evoluzione is the top model of the Dolce Musica series with a medium-sized cabinet and “an exceptionally pleasant sound that easily fits into any interior with its simple shapes and front bass-reflex concept”. Compared to the first generation Accorda, the Evoluzione offers “a relaxed, dynamic bass, a richer representation of the midrange and its better resolution while maintaining the melodiousness of the presentation”.

Underneath the hand-veneered or lacquered surfaces is all of Xavian’s know-how, applicable at an affordable price level. The 2.5-way speaker is fitted with custom-optimized AudioBarletta drivers as well as a crossover with Mundorf capacitors.

The honest construction with 21mm wall thickness, double-sided veneering (the inner one serves for higher cabinet strength) and the bottom of the cabinet sandbagged for better stability and resonance resistance “ensures unprecedented musical capabilities while maintaining an affordable size”.

custom-made AudioBarletta drivers made in Italy
high sensitivity for easy pairing with wide range of electronics
rigid enclosures with 21 mm thick walls made and veneered by hand
complex system of inner bracing for maximum enclosure inertia
sand-filled bottom of the enclosure for better stability and resonance resistance
front bassreflex for easy placement
magnetically attached cover grille
high power handling and thus suitable for home theatre use
base with integrated levelers for perfect installation on any floor
€3 300

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