Yorshire’s finest carbon fibre loudspeaker


Wilson Benesch is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a model named after a 250 year old ship built, like their loudspeakers, in Yorkshire. HMS Endeavour was Captain Cook’s ship and it was made in Whitby by Thomas Fishburn. The Endeavour loudpsaker will be the most ambitious standmount in the range when it comes off the production line in June. It has a carbon fibre composite monocoque enclosure for maximum stiffness using ACT (advanced composite technology) as found elsewhere in the range. It employs WB’s Tactic II drive unit for midrange and bass duties. The latter used in an isobaric configuration – hence the driver sticking out of the speaker’s base – it’s one of a pair that operate in tandem for maximum control and extension.


Wilson Benesch Endeavour 5


The speaker sits on a CNC machined aluminiuium base plate for rigidity and has a Semisphere tweeter, speaker cable connections are made via multiway, Rhodium plated terminals underneath the base. Attention to every detail appears to have been comprehensive, so much so that the Endeavour is effectively a standmounted version of the range topping Cardinal. Price will be revealed when this speaker is unveiled at Munich next month.

Wilson Benesch Endeavour 3

Wilson Benesch have made a moody clip of the Endeavour to whet the appetite.

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