Stack Audio Smooth-LAN network filter review

Stack Audio Smooth-LAN network Filter LAN/Ethernet filters are becoming the latest ‘must-have’ for our networked audio systems, and many have been launched over the last few years. The first I became aware of was the ENO from Network Acoustics, which greatly impressed me when I reviewed it a couple of years ago. Since then, I […]

CAD Ethernet Control review

CAD Ethernet Control network filter I first learned of this product at the Bristol HiFi Show in February, where CAD shared a room with Trilogy and Wilson Benesch. I admit to chatting more with CAD’s Isabel Whitley about their latest products than listening to the system. As you can read in his report on the […]

English Electric EE1 ethernet filter

English Electric EE1 ethernet filter About fifteen years ago I saw a gold-plated ethernet cable for sale in Tesco and was somewhat bemused. Fast forward to this evening, where I am writing up what must be my umpteenth review of a device that claims to improve the sound of a network-streaming music system and I […]

CAD USB Control opens up the sound

CAD USB Control noise reducer Us audiophiles are supposed to like noise, but the wrong kind of noise can be the bane of our lives. The more ‘tech’ we hook up to our mains supply, the more wi-fi devices we have in our homes, the more difficult it can be to enjoy the systems in […]

network-acoustics-Tempus switch review

Network Acoustics tempus network switch It was only a matter of time before Network Acoustics got around to making a network switch. The streaming specialists have built class leading ethernet filters and all manner of digital audio cables so a data or network switch was the next logical step to building a complete back end […]

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Audioquest Niagara 5000 AC power conditioner Electrical pollution of the mains supply is generally pervasive, and in cities and other locations it may be worse than in rural areas. Noise in the audio band and upwards intermodulates with the music signal in an audio system and leads to poor tonality, muted subtle detail and weak […]

CAD USB II-R cable review

Computer Audio Design USB II-R cable & USB Filter The USB II-R is the latest USB cable from CAD or Computer Audio Design. CAD was one of the first companies that saw USB as the best solution for streaming high resolution audio, their 1543 DAC only had a USB input at a time when few […]

CAD GC1.1 review

CAD GC1.1 Ground Control Box The issues caused by high-frequency noise and addressed by the CAD GC1.1 are something that has been discussed in The Ear rather a lot in some of our recent reviews. Cambridge-based CAD was ahead of many in combatting the problem with the launch of the original GC1 way back in […]

network acoustics muon pro streaming system

Network Acoustics Muon Pro Streaming System ethernet filter and data cable Long before anyone dreamt of a device like the Muon Pro it was assumed that the music data heading for our streamer was just that. To suggest that it might be accompanied by electronic pollution that was damaging to sonic performance was to invite […]

Ansuz mainz8 review

Ansuz Mainz8 A3 & Mainz A2 power distributor and cables Ansuz is adamant that power distribution should not involve conditioning, thus its Mainz8 distributors apply no filtering or regeneration of the incoming voltage. This is because doing so saps energy from the sound. Ansuz also believe that the mains distributor is the most important element […]

Chord Co Power ARAY review

Chord Company Power ARAY The Power ARAY is the entry level component in the Chord Company’s growing range of devices designed to reduce ground noise in a system. Following my review of Chord Co’s Powerhaus M6 mains distributor it has become one of those items I live in fear of being asked to return. I […]