soulnote a-2 integrated amplifier review

Soulnote A-2 integrated amplifier Soulnote came to my attention when speaker design guru Karl-Heinz Fink used their amplifiers to launch the Epos ES14N at the Munich High End show last year, this demonstration and the one in the Soulnote booth suggested that they know a thing or two about making an engaging sound. Both systems […]

Hegel H600 streaming amplifier & DAC

Hegel H600 streaming amplifier & DAC We were teased with news of a “very exciting” and “earthshattering” new product from Hegel well over a year ago. Then appeared a new CD player from this burgeoning Norwegian brand, not the news I was waiting for. But that was simply because the real force majeure was delayed […]

Kleio K135 integrated amplifier review

Kleio K135 integrated amplifier You might be thinking to yourself as you land on this review: What, another UK-made integrated amplifier, aren’t we already spoiled for choice? I must confess that when approached about reviewing the Kleio K135 I agreed but with some trepidation. However, having hosted a pre-production K135 in my system for a […]

Ayre EX-8 2.0 integrated amplifier & CX-8 CD player review

Ayre EX-8 2.0  integrated amplifier & CX-8 CD player The Ayre EX-8 2.0 and CX-8 are innocuous looking components, they do not inhabit heavy, machined aluminium cases and nor do they have much in the way of ornamentation, in black they look very restrained indeed. Yet beneath the plain exterior are electronics that ensure all […]

NAD C3050 LE streaming amplifier review

NAD C3050 LE streaming amplifier Over the past four years I have been lucky enough to have several pieces of NAD equipment to review, and without exception I have enjoyed using them and admired their sound quality. I have also found that they represent excellent value for money, when taking into account sound quality, features, […]

Quiescent T100MPA monoblock amplifiers

Quiescent T100MPA monoblock amplifiers Jason Kennedy reviewed Quiescent’s T100SPA stereo power amplifier in February this year. A second review sample was doing the rounds at the same time and I was able to add a short note on my own thoughts at the end of that review. Both Jason and I felt the T100SPA to […]

Zinamp SCA Power Amplifier

Zinamp SCA Power Amplifier My first forays into the world of current dumping were rather underwhelming. Having ‘upgraded’ from a Quad 303 to a 405 the clarity and openness of the 303 seemed to have deserted my much-loved ESL57s. Things weren’t much better with the KEF Calindas which were my second speakers at the time. […]

Michael Fidler Spartan 5 & MC Pro phono stages

Michael Fidler Spartan 5 & MC Pro phono stages It’s rare that I get to enjoy two phono stages at the same time but Michael Fidler thought that this would be a good way to get a handle on his products. The MC Pro supports MC cartridges, and the Spartan 5 MM cartridges, both units […]

Moon 250i V2 integrated amplifier review

Moon 250i V2 integrated amplifier If first impressions count, then Moon’s new 250i V2 integrated amp makes a huge impact right from the start. It looks like a solid, well-constructed bit of kit from the Canadian company, and it’s classy to boot. What I like the most about it is that it instantly comes across […]

Music First Audio Reference V2.1

Music First Audio Reference V2.1 preamplifier I’m getting worried about Music First main man Jonathan Billington. Each time I get one of his products it is, like him, modest, understated and goes far beyond what one might expect from such an understated yet finely crafted set of components. The worry is that I keep thinking […]

MoonRiver model 404 reference review

Moonriver Audio Model 404 Reference amplifier Before I discovered the Model 404 Reference I spent some time with the Moonriver Model 404 amplifier and I heaped a great deal of well-merited praise upon it. Our Editor added the cherry on the cake by awarding it the coveted Editor’s Choice award. The final sentence of my […]

Holoaudio bliss headphone amp review

Holoaudio Bliss Level 1 headphone amp/preamp With the Holoaudio Bliss Jeff Zhu’s approach to design is narrowing what once appeared to be an unbridgeable chasm between objectivists and subjectivists in the audio world. The brain behind Holoaudio is demonstrating that traditional, fully-discrete topologies not only have a place in subjectivists’ high-end systems but that they […]