The mu-so is Naim’s first foray into the world beyond separates hi-fi. An all in one wireless sound system designed to sit on the sideboard of music lovers who want quality without clutter and the ability to play tunes straight from their mobile phones. It’s a brave move for a company that’s steeped in less […]


The term all signing and dancing gets bandied around rather a lot when it comes to audio electronics but in the case of the NAD D7050 it would appear to be appropriate. The sheer amount of badges shown on its web page gives you some idea of its capabilities; these include Bluetooth aptX, Apple Airplay, […]


The moment four talented minds decide to get together to develop an active loudspeaker system, based on all the knowledge they have accrued, you expect something special. Grimm Audio is a Dutch company established by Eelco Grimm who is experienced in building studios, Guido Tent of Tentlabs is well known for his D/A converters, Bruno […]


Never promise to lend me a fine piece of audio equipment, because I won’t let it lie. Van den Hul didn’t get a moments peace while I waited for their Grail SB phono preamplifier with a matching cartridge. It turned up in a big suitcase that was much heavier than expected. Inside I found the […]


Some names do pop up every once in a while, one of them is Dan Wright, owner and founder of ModWright Instruments in the USA. I came across his products at a friend’s place in Munich last year and recently again when visiting a dealer in Holland. The dealer lent me the LS 100 preamplifier […]

Exposure MCX

Exposure makes four ranges of electronics but the MCX series stands apart from the rest for a number of reasons. For a start it’s the most expensive and to follow it’s made in England, two facts that are inextricably linked these days. It is also very distinctive, the CD player, preamplifier and monoblock power amps […]

Trilogy 909

Trilogy is a small but ambitious British company that goes to massive lengths to build professional and fully featured electronics. And I mean fully featured, you wouldn’t guess by looking at the 909 preamp that it’s a hybrid design nor does it give any clues as to the flexibility of the control system, although the […]


In this part of the world small brand Japanese audio has a cachĂ© that you just can’t buy, it takes years of consistently high quality in build and sound to achieve but once established gives even new companies a leg up. The good work of Audio Note Japan, Koetsu, Shindo, 47 Labs and many others […]


Every once in a while a product appears on the market that is so appealing that you need to buy it. This time it is not a gadget but a real audio product from a highly reputed company in Salisbury. A small power amplifier in the Naim tradition designed primarily to be used with their […]


Ever since the first ProLogue the PrimaLuna brand has earned a reputation for well-made, practical products with superb sound quality. The experience that PrimaLuna has built up over the years and its keen eye for new technology have provided the materials for an update of the DiaLogue range to Premium-level. It took some time before […]

47 Labs Shigaraki system

This review was written in 2005 when the world was a wealthier place and the Shigaraki System cost just over £5,000. Seven years later the system still exists albeit with an upgrade to the speakers and costs nearly £9,000 in total, so despite that fact that the Japanese have been in recession for so long […]