Lozzo Atestino near Padua looks like a typical provincial Italian town, with a castle, piazza and plenty of churches. It doesn’t appear to be the sort of place where you would find high end cables being manufactured from raw materials, yet this is where Comar S.r.l. who make the LA Sound range of cables is […]


I consider it my primary duty as a reviewer to be honest with you, loyal reader, and so I must begin this piece by telling you that when our esteemed editor asked me if I would review cables from a new company based in Denmark called Oephi, I groaned inwardly. Not more cables? Do we […]


Regular readers of The Ear may remember that last year I gave a glowing review to the Shunyata Venom UK6 mains block and the Venom V12 and V10 NR mains cables, I have yet to hear anything at their price point which comes close to the performance offered. So when the good folk at Shunyata […]


Late last year Tellurium Q MD Geoff Merrigan asked if I would like to hear his new Silver Diamond mains cable and compare it with the Silver, which sits below it in the well-mapped Tellurium Q product hierarchy. It took me less time to accept his offer than it took me to type this sentence. […]


I have enjoyed reviewing speaker cables and XLR interconnects from Tellurium Q previously for The Ear, so when Geoff Merrigan atTellurium Q, asked if I would like to compare the new Ultra Blue II mains cable with the original version, how could I resist? Geoff and I had previously talked about his philosophy of product […]


A good friend of mine manages a high end audio shop in Central London, and we often chat about system tweaks and other audio trivia. For quite a while now he has been urging me to try Shunyata Research mains cables. He powers his own system (which is worth about the same as my house […]


When I told an acquaintance that I was doing this review his cup of scepticism overflowed. Let me paraphrase, and sanitise, his comments for a mixed audience. ‘Ha! More snake oil. How can rational people be taken in so easily? It’s a wire with a plug at one end and an IEC socket at the […]

Puritan Audio Labs PSM136

Mains power; can’t live with it, can’t shoot it! Now that most consumer electronics are run on switching power supplies and every home has a wireless network, the power is as polluted as the Yangtze river (but hopefully not as wet). Audio equipment manufacturers attempt to minimise the problems that this introduces but there’s only […]