ATC SCM40A active speaker review

ATC SCM40A active loudspeakers Active or powered loudspeakers seem to be gaining ground in the wireless world that so many music lovers choose. The sort of powered speakers that are making headway tend to be more about keeping costs down and features up, but that is changing; there are now some respectable speaker makers building […]

Velodyne DD10+ subwoofers review

Velodyne DD10+ subwoofers However you look at it, bass is a bit of a bugger. Everyone has a very different idea of how it should sound, and getting decent bass in smallish rooms can present the music lover with something of a challenge. Received wisdom (of the historical sort) suggests that large drivers and large […]

Phonar Veritas p6.2 Match active loudspeakers review

Phonar Veritas p6.2 Match Air wireless loudspeakers Loudspeakers need power to work. Historically, that power has been pure analogue signals from analogue power amplifier circuits. The crossover circuits, which share out these high-power signals, are usually passive, using only inductors, capacitors and resistors running at high power levels and inside the speaker cabinets. As these […]

Triangle Borea BR02 Connect wireless loudspeaker review

Triangle Borea BR02 Connect powered loudspeakers French hi-fi brand Triangle’s catalogue is not short on compact active loudspeakers, and now we have new additions in the shape of the Borea Connect range, based on passive variants. There are two models: the larger Borea 03, with 160cm main drive units and two 60W amplifiers, and the […]

The Ear Best hi-fi of 2023

The Ear picks the best hi-fi of 2023 2023 has been a tough year for the hi-fi industry but that has done nothing to stem the flow of first class products coming to market. In fact there are even more extraordinary audio components to choose from than there were last year, with advances made in […]

Acoustic Energy AE1 Active review

Acoustic Energy AE1 Active Since I got involved with this reviewing malarkey some years ago now, I have been privileged to host some very fine components in my system. Included in that list are at least two pairs of Acoustic Energy floorstanding loudspeakers. I thoroughly enjoyed them and wrote about them with enthusiasm. Thus when […]

Sonus faber Duetto wireless speakers

Sonus faber Duetto wireless speakers With a four-decade pedigree of Italian-designed loudspeakers, Sonus faber has produced its first streaming active speaker system, following the success of its Omnia wireless speaker. The  Duetto is clearly an effort to make inroads into a new market segment for an audience demanding high quality with as few boxes as […]

Eclipse TD307MK3 review

Eclipse TD307MK3 compact loudspeaker If you are going to enjoy your music while you work there are plenty of good reasons to use a speaker like the Eclipse TD307MK3. Eclipse makes single drive unit speakers, it always has and always will. The Japanese company likes this approach because you get a genuine point source, that […]

Audionec Evo 2 as review

Audionec Evo 2 AS loudspeaker Audionec Evo 2 is the second tier of a rather well conceived modular loudspeaker range. The Evo line is based on three cabinets and a frame, from these building blocks Audionec offers four models all but the most ambitious of which can be upgraded. An Evo 1 consists of the […]

Kii-THREE-BXT review

Kii Three BXT active digital loudspeakers The phrase ‘game changing’ is bandied around a little too liberally, but every now and then a piece of kit comes along that most definitely warrants that definition. The Kii Three BXT active DSP loudspeaker system is such a product. When I reviewed the Kii Three standmount four years […]

proac db3 main

Proac Response DB3 loudspeakers Up until the DB3s arrived it had been several decades since I used a Proac loudspeaker; in fact, it would have been around 1997 when I began freelance work at a radio station which used the highly-respected Proac Studio to make promotions and commercials. Having lived only with BBC designs until […]