Phonar Veritas p6.2 Match active loudspeakers review

Phonar Veritas p6.2 Match Air wireless loudspeakers Loudspeakers need power to work. Historically, that power has been pure analogue signals from analogue power amplifier circuits. The crossover circuits, which share out these high-power signals, are usually passive, using only inductors, capacitors and resistors running at high power levels and inside the speaker cabinets. As these […]

Triangle Borea BR02 Connect wireless loudspeaker review

Triangle Borea BR02 Connect powered loudspeakers French hi-fi brand Triangle’s catalogue is not short on compact active loudspeakers, and now we have new additions in the shape of the Borea Connect range, based on passive variants. There are two models: the larger Borea 03, with 160cm main drive units and two 60W amplifiers, and the […]

Sonus faber Duetto wireless speakers

Sonus faber Duetto wireless speakers With a four-decade pedigree of Italian-designed loudspeakers, Sonus faber has produced its first streaming active speaker system, following the success of its Omnia wireless speaker. The  Duetto is clearly an effort to make inroads into a new market segment for an audience demanding high quality with as few boxes as […]