Oephi Immanence 2.5 speaker review https://the-ear.net

Oephi Immanence 2.5 loudspeakers Reviewing Oephi’s standmount Transcendence 2 earlier in the year gave me a taste for the fast, dynamic and frankly thrilling sound of this Danish cable maker’s loudspeakers, it didn’t take long before a request was put in for something bigger. That bigger speaker is the Immanence 2.5, which is not the […]

Audio Physic Classic 8 speaker review https://the-ear.net

Audio Physic Classic 8 loudspeakers With new UK distribution, via Cyrus Audio, the German loudspeaker brand Audio Physic is set for increased prominence on our high streets. What better time to try one of these highly thought of transducers which have a long and distinguished pedigree. Cyrus selected the 2½-way design that is the Classic […]