curvi BMR mk2 main

Curvi BMR Mk2 loudspeaker It takes quite a lot of courage to adopt a relatively new technology in a market where the norms are already well established, but that’s exactly what Curvi founder Dr Chris Liauw (a materials scientist) has done. It’s almost on a par with the development of the electrostatic transducer in the […]

Almira 547

Loudspeakers can sometimes be the make or break of a system. After all, having got the system nicely set up, the right front end, amplification and cables a house move brings a new room and the delights which came before evaporate, then the realisation dawns that, no matter what, despite the rest of the system […]


When I reviewed the Eclipse TD510Mk2 and partnering TD520SW sub last year I got a hugely entertaining and engaging result right from the off, the single driver speaker worked a treat and had me glued to the listening seat for hours. That inspired me to try its bigger brother, Eclipse’s ranger topping TD172zMk2, a speaker that looks […]


Every audiophile begs, buys or borrows equipment over the period of their love affair with home music reproduction. Depending on the influence of ‘external factors’ (room size, domestic acceptance, aspiration vs available budget) the one component which tends to cause the most grief is the last one in the chain – the loudspeaker. Why? Well, […]


Way back in the day when Tom Evans was modifying Pioneer CD players with clock upgrades, let’s call it the nineties, he got enthusiastic about Jordan full range drive units. It happens to a lot of people but most stick them in wooden cabinets and make another me too product, Tom had a different idea. […]


Being bitten by the super-tweeter bug a few months ago I took the opportunity to try a pair of ELAC 4Pi Plus.2 super-tweeters at home. This is an omnidirectional ribbon tweeter that has been on the market for a very long time and has been incorporated into some of ELAC’s best loudspeakers in the past, […]


Small is beautiful. This elegant Japanese desktop proves that size need not limit musical enjoyment nor aesthetic style.Desktop speaker systems take many forms but none as elegant as Eclipse’s ovular TD-M1. Not only does it have looks but it ticks all the boxes as far as audio technology is concerned too: active drive from an […]