Velodyne DD10+ subwoofers review

Velodyne DD10+ subwoofers However you look at it, bass is a bit of a bugger. Everyone has a very different idea of how it should sound, and getting decent bass in smallish rooms can present the music lover with something of a challenge. Received wisdom (of the historical sort) suggests that large drivers and large […]


2020 has been an eventful year to say the least but also one in which many have turned to music as an escape from the madness of the world around them. Music is a meditation that allows you to escape from the problems of life, whose powers are not to be underestimated, and having a […]


I reviewed a sub for another publication recently and was surprised by how much it seemed to improve the sound quality in the mid and treble, how on earth could a low frequency driver that was limited to frequencies below 60Hz make the system more revealing higher up the range. I put this question to […]


Way back in the day when Tom Evans was modifying Pioneer CD players with clock upgrades, let’s call it the nineties, he got enthusiastic about Jordan full range drive units. It happens to a lot of people but most stick them in wooden cabinets and make another me too product, Tom had a different idea. […]