Stack Audio Auva EQ isolators

Stack Audio Auva EQ isolators As a long time fan of isolation proper it’s gratifying to see so many products on the market that are genuinely trying to stop the transmission of vibration into audio components. For far too long we were told that spikes were isolators whereas in fact they are the opposite, a […]

Custom Design FS 104 Signature XL review

Custom Design FS 104 Signature XL speaker stands Positioning loudspeakers within a room is so vitally important to the sound they produce. Avoiding positions that are too close to walls (especially corners), are obvious, others less so. It’s vital to eliminate (or at least minimise) reflections from surfaces close to the speaker cabinets, from the […]

Quiescent Apex isolation devices

Quiescent Apex isolation devices The Quiescent Apex range of component Couplers is distinctly different from the isolating products found elsewhere. For a start they are asymmetrical and their surfaces are carved out with curved paths that are seemingly random, they are also pretty chunky, the smallest Apex40 is 127mm (5 inches) wide at the widest […]

Ansuz Darkz S2T & T2 review

Ansuz Acoustics Darkz S2t & T2 When I visited the Audio Group Denmark last year Ansuz Darkz S2t resonance controllers were one of the first things they demonstrated to me, and they made a deep impression. The guys at Ansuz have done a lot of research into the resonant characteristics of different materials, specifically metals […]

Stack AUVA speaker isolation feet

Stack Audio Auva 70 loudspeaker isolation feet Stack Audio Auva is Theo Stack’s latest creation. I have known Theo Stack since I met him at the Bristol Audio Show back in 2016. He lives not far from me in Devon and has been to Kelly Towers on a number of occasions. His eponymous audio company […]


Vibrations; can’t live with them, can’t hear anything without them. In order to turn an electric signal into sound a loudspeaker has to vibrate, likewise a stylus is vibrated by the the side of a vinyl groove and this produces a (tiny) electrical signal. In an ideal world these would be the only things that […]


Let me start by asking a question. Which component in your audio system has been with you the longest? For me, that’s an easy one – my rack. Since I bought it in 2009 every single other item in my system has changed, from all the cables to all the electronic components and loudspeakers. It […]


In the last couple of years I have had the pleasure of reviewing several pieces of Norma Audio equipment, so when the UK distributor Hi-Fidelity told me that they had secured the rights to import another Italian brand I was more than a little keen to try an example of it here. Anthony Mills, the […]


IsoAcoustics isolating stands and pucks have been cropping up in recording studios worldwide since the Canadian manufacturer’s founding in 2012. In the last two years the company has focused its efforts on replicating this success in the consumer audio market and now offers an interesting range of audiophile isolation products. A few months ago I […]


Not long ago I tested some stands for my Harbeth P3ESR loudspeakers, just to see which would work best. A wood, stone and steel stand, open frame metal or a massive sand filled design. I found enough differences between the stands to pick a favourite but they were all satisfactory. Until that is I had […]