Vivid Audio Giya G1 Spirit main

Vivid’s Giya G1 Spirit is not only a dramatic looking loudspeaker, it is a radical reworking of how a loudspeaker is designed and built. It makes the majority of other speakers look like variations on a well worn theme, it makes wooden box technology look as outdated as the horse and carriage. The Vivid approach […]

MU2 Black white main 1

Australia is not a country that’s often associated with high-end audio, I imagine that most of us would struggle to name a single manufacturer based there without the aid of a search engine. I first read of Serhan Swift a few years back when a friend paid a visit to their factory whilst on holiday […]


The loudspeaker market has been dominated by narrow baffle loudspeakers for so long that the appearance of wide/shallow retro style models is a welcome change. JBL was the first big brand to get this trend on its way with their reworkings of the L100, a 1970’s classic with a distinctive waffle style grille and aesthetics […]

Cambridge Audio CXA61 547

Just how much do we need to spend to acquire a decent integrated amplifier? A budget of, say £1,000, will net a large number of candidates. But if we also want bona-fide high-end sonic credentials, then the number of options becomes markedly smaller. Readers who have read my short bio here on The Ear will already be […]

Almira 547

Loudspeakers can sometimes be the make or break of a system. After all, having got the system nicely set up, the right front end, amplification and cables a house move brings a new room and the delights which came before evaporate, then the realisation dawns that, no matter what, despite the rest of the system […]

SIRIUS G2.1 547

This standalone upsampler exemplifies one key difference between digital and analogue systems. With turntables and tape recorders less is genuinely more, the fewer the elements that the signal has to pass through before it gets to the amplifier the less the signal is changed or degraded. With digital sources extra processing such as that provided […]


OK. So turntables are still the ‘new kid on the block’ after all this time, and still the debates rage regarding whether they should be suspended, rigidly mounted, plinth or no plinth, belt, idler or direct drive… But let’s face it, as with speaker types, or your preferred music to listen to, it’s whether a […]

M2T Young VdG 547

It’s not clear when looking at a single product from M2Tech’s Rockstars range why they have a particular name, but gather the model names together and you have the Crosby power amplifier, Nash phono preamplifier and Young DAC as well as a Joplin ADC/phono stage and a Mitchell active crossover among others. Stills doesn’t seem […]


If you want proof that noise is the enemy of good streaming sound put the Network Acoustics Muon filter and cable between a network switch and a streamer and press play. The sonic benefits are not in the slightest bit subtle, it’s up there with a significant DAC upgrade. Stopping noise getting into a streaming […]


As a companion piece to my review of the Chord Company’s Powerhaus S6 mains block, I was asked to write about my experiences comparing the various cables that Chord sent to me to help get the best from it. Those who have read my piece on the Powerhaus will know I was initially concerned I […]

ELICIT Mk5 547

About 10 years ago I was running an all Rega system at home, and was very happy with it indeed. At its heart was the Brio-R integrated amplifier, which offered, if I recall correctly, 50 watts of output into an eight Ohm load, and which sounded fine in our modest 14’x12’ room. It was paired […]

Zeppelin Pearl Grey 547

This is the fourth iteration of Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin sound system, officially announced in October 2021 – almost 20 years to the day after Apple introduced its very first iPod. Why is that significant? Some of you may remember the first Zeppelin, launched in 2007, represented a new category of audio product that was specifically made […]