Hardware Reviews

integrated amplifier
Jul 2015
Arcam has gone through a few changes since its heyday in the eighties and nineties. Once an independent run by its founder and chief engineer John Dawson it is now owned by Canadian conglomerate Jam Industries and run by a...
power amplifier
Jul 2015
Space has been more expensive than stuff in this part of the world for some time now and that has had quite a severe effect on the world of stereo systems, hi-fi, call it what you will. The popularity of headphones is not...
Jun 2015
Ayre is one of those companies that quietly gets on with producing innovative, well thought out and in my experience great sounding hardware. I have tried amplifiers and CD players in the past and always mourned their loss...
active loudspeaker
Jun 2015
Many years ago I discovered that products built for the professional market work well in domestic systems as well. This is especially true for D/A converters and loudspeakers, maybe less so for 19” rack mount amplifiers (...
record cleaner
May 2015
Record cleaners are huge, noisy boxes that get relegated to the shed at the earliest opportunity. Not any more, the Vivac range changes all that with compact, attractive machines that let you listen while you clean.I’m not...
floorstanding loudspeaker
May 2015
Loudspeakers come in many materials but not often concrete. In Germany high end audio gets extreme and in Weimar a company is building concrete loudspeakers. Heavy and beautifully made they have real designer appeal and real...
May 2015
Audio Technica uses over forty years of know-how to build an aggresively priced closed back headphone that gives open-backs a run for their money.Audio Technica has been making iconic and professionally-revered headphones...
digital music store NAS
May 2015
A former turntable manufacturer turned data storage giant has built an audio oriented NAS drive that gives streamers a real shot in the arm.
Maki Electronics Laboratory Co was set up in 1975 to make high mass turntables with...
loudspeaker cables
Apr 2015
Not all the best stuff is made by the big boys, sometimes a one man business can beat the odds and deliver the goods. That is the case with SImply Audio from Holland, a new force for value in the of over hyped world of...
integrated amplifier & DAC
Apr 2015
Can this Musical Fidelity integrated with onboard DAC sound as good as it looks? Réne closes his eyes and lets the music work its magic.
When I was asked to pick a Musical Fidelity amplifier for a review I was attracted to...
Preamplifier & power amplifier
Apr 2015
René didn’t like class D amplifiers but that has all changed now that he’s heard this remarkable pairing from NAD. High resolution, power and features, what’s not to like?Several years ago I considered New Acoustic Dimension...
Phono stage
Apr 2015
Leema's least expensive phono stage may be small but it's capable of very big things when attached to a tip top turntable. Jason Kennedy finds out just how essential it really is for a vinyl lover.
Leema started out in...